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Remus bakeOven Kits by wolfshoehe

What are Remus oven kits?

Remus bake oven kits include all the components required to build a high efficiency wood fired oven.

Thanks to the tongue & groove joints, uncomplicated assembly and short construction times are guaranteed.

Once the oven core is built it can be finished in a variety of ways including exposed brick, stucco or stone, It is entirely up to you and your aesthetic preferences.

What makes Remus different?

Remus bake oven kits are unlike traditional ovens in that it incorporates a brick channel above the bake compartment to further extend the duration of the hot flue gases within the oven before exiting out the chimney. This further increases the heat extraction and retention from the wood fire. 

With the main combustion air being delivered through the lower ash drawer the Remus's door can remain closed while the fire is burning.

remus bake oven pizza oven

What is included?

Remus bake oven kits include:

Food safe high temperature refractory brick core and floor

High temperature mortar

High quality bake door with glass viewing window
Ash drawer

Insulation board for under, sides and top of core
Bimetallic dial thermometer

Double decker bake oven

Remus Duo is a two story bake oven option offering double the bake and cooking surface while still keeping the overall footprint small and easy to work with.

With the duo, the fire is built on the lower bake floor and the flue gases rise and pass through the upper floor before leaving the oven.

Screenshot 2024-01-14 111824.png


In addition to single or double decker ovens Remus is available in three different sizes. 

By adding an additional row or two of bricks the bake ovens length can be extended to increase capacity. 

Inner Bake floor Dimension
Remus 60/60
60x60cm (23.50/23.50 inches)
Remus 60/90
60x90cm (23.60/35.50 inches)
Remus 60/120
60x120cm (23.60/47.25 inches)


Bread Ø 25cm (1kg loaf)
Pizza Ø 28cm
Remus 60/60
Remus 60/90 DUO
Remus 60/60 DUO
Remus 60/120
Remus 60/120
Remus 60/90
Remus 60/120 DUO

Although fantastic for bread and pizza the Remus is a versatile workhorse capable of roasting, baking, and grilling

Screenshot 2024-01-15 101546_edited.jpg

Quality Materials

Remus bake oven kits are manufactured by Wolfshoehe Tonwerk in Germany and are made from material rated for up to 1,200° Celsius (2,190°Ferenheit)

For over 160 years and with six generations of experience behind them, Wolfshoehe Tonwerk is a leader in the production of clay based refractory brick.




Contact us for prices, specifications and with any questions you have regarding the Remus bake oven kits 


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