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Heating Hot Water with a masonry Heater

How do we create hot water?

How does a masonry heater produce hot water?

Between the inner core and outer shell of the masonry heater we incorperate an air gap.


The volume of this air gap is heated and by way of a small fan is pulled through an air to water heat exchange unit which is built within, beside or underneath the masonry heater.


This system transfers the heat to water and sents it to a hot water tank from where it can be further distributed for in floor heating or domestic hot water use. 


Up to 90 percent hot water

Depending on the design and method of integrating a water heating system into a masonry heater we can convert up to 90% of a masonry heaters heat into hot water.

No maintenance or worries 

In contrast to other methods of water heating with a masonry heater, our solution does not require any regular maintenance, pressure blow off valves or water pumps.

Since we keep a separation of the hot flue gases and water pipes, thanks in due to the use of the air to water heat exchanger, there is no risk of pressure issues or pipe corrosion.

In the event of a power outage the unit can be operated as a fully functional masonry heater with the entirety of the burnt woods energy being stored in the heaters thermal mass.

Solar Panels

Combine with Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water panels perfectly compliment a masonry heater and allow for your home and domestic hot water to be at peak performance no mater the weather or outdoor temperature. 

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