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Warm Air Masonry Heaters

A warm air masonry heater utilizes the same high temperature refractory heat exchange channels and outer shell that our conventional masonry heaters do, but it also incorporates a cast iron fire chamber. 

Compared to a refractory fire chamber, a cast iron fire chamber produces a larger amount of warm air which by way of an air grate at the top and bottom of the masonry heater results in naturally convecting and controllable warm air.

How does a Warm Air Masonry Heater work?

Why a cast iron fire chamber?

In comparison to our custom built refractory brick fire chambers these cast iron fire chambers are specifically built for quick installation and production of warm air. 

These fire chambers come in a variety of sizes, heat outputs and glass door options including single sided, double sided and corner glass doors. 

Air slots along the inside of the fire chamber provide for proper combustion air introduction, thus maximising the efficiency of the unit.


Air grates

Fully adjustable and airtight air grates are available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes. The adjustability of these grates allows for the user to regulate how much warm air is released from the masonry heater. 

A fully closed air grate results in more heat being stored into the thermal mass of the masonry heater for later use.


Want even more warm air?

To offer the maximum amount of warm air, the refractory heat exchange channels can be replaced entirely by cast iron flue chambers which produce warm air quickly and efficiently.

The same refractory brick shell is built around this core just as with a standard masonry heater to provide thermal mass storage and soothing radiant heat. 


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Interested in hot water instead of warm air?

Do you want your masonry heater to produce hot water instead of warm air in addition to its long lasting radiant heat? Have a look at our hot water masonry heaters


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