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Masonry Heater Kits

Our small yet powerful masonry heater kits are easy to assemble and are designed for heating smaller areas such as cabins or space heating sections of a home. These units consist of a smaller footprint than our larger custom designed masonry heaters and are comparable to the space that a woodstove would require. Although small, these units are designed to provide heat for 8+ hours per burn.

Our kits allow for finishing in a variety of ways including plaster, stone, brick or tile. All models are available with a tunnel version allowing for the fire to be seen from multiple sides



Wood Load Per Firing2-5 kg4-10 kg5-15 kg5-15 kg

Heat Output Per 8/12 Hours2 / 1.3 kW4 / 2.6 kW6 / 4 kW6 / 4 kW

Core Length x Width x Height67 x 57 x 155 cm61 x 57 x 192 cm86 x 67 x 192 cm58 x 85 x 192 cm

Glass Size31 x 22 cm31 x 35 cm31 x 60 cm58 x 47 cm

Medium Wide



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